Smithville Heritage Society & Museum

The mission of the Scoiety is to collect, preserve, education the general public, and peerpetuate for future generations, all facts, legends, stories, documents and objects of historical interest to Smithville, Texas and surrounding communities.

Donations of historical objects and funding accepted according to the rules of NAGPRA and the American Association of Museums Code of Ethics for Museums.

Volunteers needed:

1.  Organization and preservation of archives - photos, important papers and artifacts.  Ongoing activity

2.  Creation and setting up of exhibits, including narratives.  Needed now and ongoing.

3.  Assisting clients with research of their home/family/business history in Smithville and immediate "trade" area.  Ongoing activity.



Carol Snyder, president  (214) 673-2223 cell

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Smithville Heritage Society & Museum, 602 Main, Smithville TX 78957

No phone at museum - use (830) 839-4080 Carol Snyder

Archives open Tuesday mornings 10 am - noon or by appointment

Smithville Heritage Society is a 501(c)(3), and all volunteer organization.  Established in 1977