The Community Effort

Smithville has an amazing number of volunteer organizations and an even more amazing community of volunteers. This special atmosphere of giving back has been noticed by many, including those outside of our area. The Volunteer Smithville effort came about from various parties and from two different directions.

franLan multimedia has been working on the Volunteer Smithville website as a way to obtain recognition for the organizations by giving each one a page online. This online recognition allows the nation to see many of the volunteer opportunities in Smithville and reveals the special something that is Smithville.

At the same time, members of the city and chamber staff have been focusing on the volunteers themselves, reaching out to sign up people who wish to volunteer. The volunteers not only list their skills, but also the organizations and subjects in which they are most interested.

Thus the match of volunteers/skills to volunteer opportunities is born.

The Smithville Area Chamber’s motto is “It’s possible in Smithville!” People working together can make anything possible.

Volunteer Smithville is a cooperative effort of the

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“It’s possible in Smithville!”

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